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“Ukrainskaya Himchistka” has been providing people and different enterprises with cleaning and laundry services of textile, carpets, and down products since 2002.

The beginning of business took place in Kyiv region: Fastov, Bila Tserkva, and Uman towns. Later on we have been already known on the market of personal services in Kiev, and for today we work with orders over the whole city. There are 45 service desks which operate successfully almost in all Kiev districts, including: Vinogradar, Solomenka, Belichi, Borschagivka, Nivki, Akademmistechko, center, Golosievo, Troeschina, Kharkovskiy massif. 

The German (BOWE, VEIT), Belgium (IPSO) and Italien (FIRBIMATIC) equipment is used on the factory; it is considered to be the best one being produced by the world leaders of laundry and dry cleaning equipment. The customers are provided with high-quality and on-time servicing due to attentive and responsible workers, who contribute much efforts into their work, into each piece of product. We have installed new equipment for textile aqua cleaning, that reduces the deadline of the orders, which are considered to be the shortest in Kyiv by the way. Our motto, “German quality, Ukrainian prices”, corresponds to the customers’ expectations entirely. You would hardly find a laundry in Kyiv, which may suggest the prices lower than ours, providing at the same time high quality and on time services. 

Besides, we would like to pay your attention to leather, shammy and fur cleaning services. These kinds of products need a special careful approach in work. Therefore we have concluded an exclusive contract with the leader of this segment in Kyiv market, dry-cleaner “Novinka”. All the leather, shammy and fur products are cleaned for the same price as in “Novinka” dry-cleaner. 

Our service desks suggest a wide range of services: starting from tailoring, dry-cleaning, laundry to shoe and cloths repairing. For a reason, many service desks and dry-cleaning factories have been a part of trade centers since the Soviet times. We try to locate our service desks as more close to homes of potential clients as possible, since it’s disadvantageous and senseless to bring things to the center or another region of the city when the services appear to be near the customer’s home. 

We would like to note that not only people but also enterprises, plants, theatres, shops of Kyiv are actively using the services of “Ukrainskaya Himchistka”. We are always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation in different forms.

Dry-cleaner’s team is always open for customers – we are ready to do all we can for our customers to leave us with tidy things and in a good mood.  

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O45-656-5O-O3 manufacturing reception

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