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Some customers come to the dry-cleaner too late, when not only one cleaning but several technological cycles are needed to renew dirty things. It’s important to take into the consideration the fact that to remove the dirt totally one should not try to do this by himself. Generally, petrol, kerosene and other chemicals just worsen the fabric’s quality, making it colorless, which makes impossible to restore the clothes’ quality even for the professionals. The earlier the customer comes to us the more likely he will get his favorite thing in the excellent condition. Of course, we can not make the thing be the new one, but we will clean it up. However there are cases when the damage, which was on the fabrics before the cleaning, will remain or even increase after the cleaning. Unfortunately, nothing is endless… 

We would like to mention, that most of things, sold in Kyiv – in boutiques and even in big and expensive shops, not speaking about markets – are not original ones. In other words, they are counterfeits. That’s why our earnest request to the customer is to pay attention to the labeling with the trade mark, where you will find the information about country-producer, address, and the conditions of looking after the article, when they buy things. The possibility to make quality cleaning depends upon this directly.

Besides, we recommend our customers to make cleanings of their things after each season usage – this will make things’ durability longer.

2002-2012.  Химчистка одежды, одеял, ковров;
стирка белья; чистка пуховых и перьевых изделий